I am a freelance web designer
based in Bristol

I can help your business grow creating a website that converts

As a freelance web designer I know that every website must be attractive, easy to navigate and give a strong and clear message to the target audience that attracts. But first of all, it needs to generate conversions.

A good website that does not generate inquiries is not a good website.

Once, a good business card and word-of-mouth were enough for a company to succeed in the market. Is seems like, though, that internet has changed these things. Your competitors are out there, just around the corner, and to reach them you need just one click. Data shows that the creation of professional websites around the world has risen by 130% over 2010. As a result, companies that have invested more in this tool have tripled their sales. Besides, people are spending more time consuming both the traditional and digital output of the creative sector, almost entirely due to the Internet. Therefore, do not be part of this slice of the market today, would mean being cut off from business, and you cannot afford it.

Your next potential customer might be there, online, viewing your content. Is your website competitive enough? I have built websites for bed & breakfasts, restaurants, home automation companies, accountants, yeast producers, NHS spin off businesses, farms and psychologists, looking after their brand identities too. I have enabled their target audience to recognise them as leader in their fields. As a result, they increased their profits through a tailor-made and customised website. Each project proposed a different challenge to achieve the successful finished result. Have a look at my portfolio, or read more about me and my graphic design services. Get in touch if you think I am the right web designer for you and your business.


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web designer in bristol

For All Our Wellbeing

This enterprise is a spin-off of the NHS that provides advice and organises events for those who want to live an healthier life. The idea stems from the desire to evoke a sense of well-being in the users; this is why I used images that were not directly related to sports, but conveyed a sense of peace and freedom.

Designed a custom website and supplied all photography to give the users a sense of wellbeing.

Riad des Eaux et Spa

A beautiful riad (bed&Breakfast) in the hearth of Marrakech, Morocco. I took care of the whole visual communication, from the logo to the website. I personally went to Marrakech to create a bespoke photoshoot on which, the entire website and corporate identity was built.

freelance web designer in bristol
Web designer in Bristol

Vaiani Lieviti

The company in question is a pioneer in its field with its patented yeast created in 1980 and still in use by big companies all across Europe. Designed and built a custom website, and provided photos in order to create the whole visual communication.


  • “Igor really is a saint! We had a very tight turnaround but Igor managed to pull it out of the bag. I met with Igor initially to discuss the design brief and even the first draft was exactly what we wanted. Everyone was very impressed by the reports and they complimented our other collateral brilliantly. He has also produced infographics for us that stand out from the crowd, so we always know who to go to. Thank you Igor for continually being patient and creating excellent work for us!”

    Alice Garland – Marketing Executive at Business West

  • ”Hiring Igor for the realisation of my B&B brand identity was the best solution: others had put down some unexciting ‘drafts’, but with him, every idea turned into a beautiful design! to confirm this, every guest makes us compliments and gives us the opportunity to feel proud and satisfied”

    Mr. Salvo Di Gregorio – Owner of That’s Rome Guesthouse

  • ”Igor managed to capture the spirit of my enterprise and to impress it on paper. I was very pleased in 2007 when he managed to create the logo of my pizzeria and since then, I have continued to collaborate with him for everything, trusting blindly in his creative talent and his professionalism. I reassured the idea that a responsible professional can take care of my brand, always hitting the mark.”

    Mr. Biagio Palladino – Owner of Mediterranea Pizzeria


For a better quotation that would fit your business, do not hesitate to contact me


I want this plan


A small website is made up of between one and 5 pages and is great for start-ups or small businesses. It would be ease to be expanded in the future if the business grows.


I want this plan


These types of website are suitable for those wishing to redesign a small website, or are ready to develop a dedicated online presence.




This type of site is ideal for eCommerce businesses or companies with more traffic, a wider range of products, more information to impart or who require more functionality.

  • Domain & Hosting
    £40 to £100/year
  • Design
    £0 to £600
  • Programming
  • Ongoing Costs
    £0 to £10 per month
  • ________________
    £490 to £1270
  • Domain & Hosting
    £40 to £100
  • Design
    £600 to £1200
  • Programming
    £800 to £2000
  • Ongoing Costs
    £0 to £30 per month
  • __________________
    £1440 to £3660
  • Domain & Hosting
    £40 to £300
  • Design
    £1000 to £1800
  • Content Creation
    £100 to £1000
  • Programming
    £1500 to £3000
  • Ongoing Costs
    £0 to £60 per month
  • ________________
    £2640 to £6820

For medium and large websites, I would suggest making a budget for monthly marketing campaigns that keeps traffic coming to your site.

I can recommend someone based on your requirements and budget.

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